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ASY - Warm White Light

This is a jam I made late at night on March 17, 2011. All sounds made by mixer feedback and electric guitar, recorded with the zoom H4, and mixed on my computer. BEATS? you decide.

Warm White Light



Heath Death began as a guitar duo with Ryley Walker and Jay Caston. After their first and only performance (which was at the Mopery), Ryley and Mike Forbes began using the name for several different configurations of a group with J Guy Laughlin. And now J Guy decided to adopt the name for a quartet with Ryley, Jeff Host, and me. So here's the new Heat Death:

Track 1

Track 2

Recorded at the Chateau on 2/28/11 with the zoom h4.

Ryley Walker - guitar
Jeff Host - guitar
Andrew Scott Young - bass
J Guy Laughlin - drums


ASY - Tour Solo Set

Last month, Ben Billington (Quicksails) and I went on a short tour around the midwest/eastcoast. I recorded five nights of the eight and I think this is the one that turned out best. The set I played each night of this tour was made up of three short pieces. All the sounds are made on "prepared" acoustic bass. The preparations involved electric toothbrushes, drumsticks, and pie plates. Here they are:

ASY - live at the Red Room in Baltimore, MD

track 1

track 2

track 3