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So Brett Nauke asked me to make a track for his Christmas compilation "A Very Catholic Christmas". For that I made "A Virgin Most Pure". That got me pumped about recording more xmas songs. It's a lot of fun and I figured my family would love that shit. So I made a few more and here they are as my Christmas gift to you.


1. A Virgin Most Pure
2. Go Tell It On The Mountain
3. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
4. Christmas, Why Can't I Find You?
5. Silent Night
6. He Is Born, The Divine Christ Child

All songs arranged and performed by Andrew Scott Young
*except track 1 which features Brian Sulpizio and Emily Winter



Marketing is a trio with me, Anthony Levin-Decanini (father, formerly in Binges), and Ryan Dunn (of Enemy fame). We first jammed at what was regrettably one of the few Mopery open jam sessions (if you were there you know what I'm talking about). The first recording here is that jam recorded on the zoom h4 and then apparently blown out to shit in Audacity. sounds cool.

Marketing - Mope Jams - January 2009

Anthony Levin-Decanini - Language Master, maybe other stuff?
Ryan Dunn - Reel-to-reel tape machine
Andrew Scott Young - amplified bass/cello? don't remember exactly


Marketing was scheduled to play live on WHPK's Pure Hype in February of 2010 but unfortunately due to circumstances involving mud-wrestling Ryan Dunn couldn't make the broadcast. Anthony Levin-Decanini and I ended up jamming a duo and got a real nice recording of it. I guess I'll still call it Marketing but like I said, sorry, NO DUNN.

Marketing - Live on Pure Hype - February 2009

track 1

track 2

Anthony Levin-Decanini - Language Master
Andrew Scott Young - cello, electric guitar


some November jams

Did some jamming on Nov 20th with Kyle Price (newish Chicago bro from Buffalo) and Ryley "The Handyman" Walker. Recorded at the Chateau with the zoom h4. Gotta say I'm especially fond of the second track. Vocals! Watch out!

"Young Price Walker" - Chateau 11/20/2010

KG Price - drums/vox
Ryley Walker - electric guitar
Andrew Scott Young - double bass, electric guitar

track 1

track 2


On November 23rd Ben Billington and Jeff "Kent State Alumnus" Host were over for a Naked Island rehearsal. But when that fell through we decided to have some jams. One trio track here and then a duet with me and Billington. Recorded at the Chateau with the zoom h4 of course.

Billington/Host/Young - Chateau 11/23/10

Ben Billington - drums
Jeff Host - electric guitar
Andrew Scott Young - electric guitar





Tiger Hatchery

Basically Tiger Hatchery's first "official" release, Lemon Crystal Sunshine was recorded at the Chateau in 2009 by the ever-capable, Chicago-staple, engineer extraordinaire: Brian Sulpizio. All the info you'd want on it can be found here. I just wanted to provide a decent digital download for all interested.

Tiger Hatchery - Lemon Crystal Sunshine (Deception Island 28, 2009)

Mike Forbes - sax
Ben Billington - drums
Andrew Scott Young - double bass

Side 1

Side 2

Tiger Hatchery's first "unofficial" realease was a tape we made for our first tour with UPS packaging, recorded in May 2009 at the Mopery on my zoom h4. I don't even think I have one of these. White tape in a cardboard box with a "Tiger Hatchery" stamp on the spine. Here you go.

Tiger Hatchery (Untitled tour tape)

Mike Forbes - sax
Ben Billington - drums
Andrew Scott Young - double bass

Side 1

Side 2

And now for some unreleased 'Hatch weirdness. I can't say what all of these are but I'll do my best to you when/where they were recorded.

This first thing here is a jam I don't think we've used for anything but for some reason I have heard a bunch of times. It's some long form shit starting off with a raging drums/sax duet and eventually getting into some dark, heavy electric madness.

Tiger Hatchery - January 8, 2009

Mike Forbes - sax
Ben Billington - drums
ASY - electric guitar, electric bass



This is a rehearsal of the set I performed on November 6th at Chili's in Chicago. I think the recording turned out pretty well (made on the zoom h4). Made at the Chateau on November 4, 2010. I named it "Nil-Chi-Tso" which is the Navajo code-talker term for "November" but literally it can be translated as "big wind". so there you go.

Andrew Scott Young - Nil-Chi-Tso

ASY - electric guitar, amplified double bass


These are two tracks I made for a VHS tape to be released with video by Nathan Pruitt. The cover art will be done by Rachael O'flynn. As soon as I get a digital copy of the video and the art I'll post them here as well. These tracks were recorded with my zoom h4 and put together in Audacity. The first was made at the Mopery in August and the second at the Chateau on November 11th. To be released on the new Chicago VHS label Loo Tapes.

Andrew Scott Young - Agnimal Manetizer

ASY - acoustic guitar, double bass, percussion

Track 1

Track 2

stills from the VHS:___________________________________________________________


Wyoming is an acoustic duet with me and Ryley Walker. So far, we've only played a few shows but have been jamming and recording a lot with many different musicians. So there's a lot to post. Good news for you! This is the first tape Ryley and I put together. It was recorded at the Mopery with the zoom H4 digital recorder. We made it ourselves and only had about 40 tapes lying around so if you got one, cherish it because you'll be able to ebay that shit one day.

Wyoming - Cool Menthol Breeze (August 2010)

Ryley Walker - acoustic guitar
Andrew Scott Young - acoustic guitar, double bass

1. 8/6/10 - #3

2. 8/6/10 - #2

3. 8/6/10 - #4

4. 8/6/10 - #5

Recently we got to perform on WHPK's Pure Hype show with the Cleveland-born, Chicago-based percussion aficionado J Guy Laughlin. Here are those tracks performed amidst the radio station record stacks at the University of Chicago. They're broken up into weird downloads because of the file size I guess. I don't remember. I uploaded them a while ago.

Wyoming w/J Guy on Pure Hype -

Ryley Walker - acoustic guitar
J Guy Laughlin - drums
Andrew Scott Young - acoustic guitar, double bass

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


On Saturday, October 16 Wyoming played at Turnup Records (the Vinyl Underground) in Kent, OH with Isle OF sodor, Field of Hats, and Interstates, Etc. It was a great time! Jeff Host sits in on the last track. Here they are. Recorded on the zoom h4.

Wyoming w/Jeff Host @ Turnup Records

Ryley Walker - acoustic guitar
Jeff Host - acoustic guitar (Part 3)
Andrew Scott Young - acoustic guitar, double bass

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

There's some great video of this show as well. Thanks to David Russell for that.



This is a live recording from some time in 2008. I don't know the specific date because for some reason I lost the original files and had to take these MP3's from my iPod. But anyway, I think this is some pretty fucking good free jazz with Chicago's own artist/drummer Jerome Bryerton, Vienna-based saxophonist Marco Eneidi, and Forbes/Young. This was recorded on the Zoom H4.

Live @ Brown Rice (Chicago, IL 2008)

Jerome Bryerton - drums
Marco Eneidi - alto sax
Mike Forbes - tenor sax
Andrew Scott Young - bass


Forbes/Young/Gonzalez Trio

This was the first band in which Mike Forbes and I played together regularly. It was a sax, bass, and drum trio with Stefan Gonzalez (of Yells at Eels and Akkolyte). We played a few times and have some rough recordings from jamming at Mike's house but probably the best recorded material we have is a tape release that happened in a small run (I don't know how many) on Paper Stain Records (Denton, TX). The recordings were made by Dennis Gonzalez at his home studio. The tracks I'm posting aren't the tape version exactly but the original unmastered studio versions that Dennis put on a CD-R for us the day we recorded them. They are labeled in the same order as on the tape. So here you go:

Forbes/Young/Gonzalez Trio (2006)

1. 01 (11:54)

2. 02 (11:28)

3. 03 (7:35)

4. 04 (10:31)

Here are all of the early recordings I have of Forbes/Young/Gonzalez in chronological order. All of these were recorded in September of 2006 on a 4-track tape recorder in Mike Forbes' living room in Denton, TX except for Trios 5 & 6 which were recorded live at the Secret Headquarters (also in Denton). Trio 1 was released on a split with Violent Squid as "Event 1". You should download that split here. The Violent Squid side is killer.

Forbes/Young/Gonzalez September 2006 (1)

1. Trio 1

2. Trio 2

3. Trio 3

4. Trio 4

Forbes/Young/Gonzalez September 2006 (2)

1. Trio 5 (Live @ SHQ)

2. Trio 6 (Live @ SHQ)

3. Trio 7


Forbes/Young Duet

Mike Forbes and I have been playing together in a duet and various groups since we met in Denton, Texas in 2005. Chronology was one of the first recording projects we tried with specific compositional ideas adding at least some degree of predetermined structure to the improvisations. The first four tracks are supposed to be a tribute of sorts to some pairs of saxophonists and bassists who tended to collaborate together regularly. These were recorded at the Marietta house in Denton, Texas on a Yamaha 4-track cassette recorder. And for all our Chicago friends who haven't really heard what we were playing around this time, prepare to be JAZZ'D!!!

Chronology (2006, self-released/never released?)

Mike Forbes - sax
Andrew Scott Young - bass

1. Part 1 - for Ornette Coleman & Charlie Haden (5:52)

2. Part 2 - for Albert Ayler & Henry Grimes (4:12)

3. Part 3 - for Evan Parker & Barry Guy (5:40)

4. Part 4 - For Peter Brötzmann & Evan Parker (4:39)

5. Part 5 (6:24)

And though I can't say all these jams are awesome, if anyone was interested in getting a better understanding of how we have evolved as improvisers since moving to Chicago, here are all the duet recordings I have of us from 2007-08. Most of them were recorded on the zoom h4 in our living room. Some of them are alternate takes from the sax/bass duet in Six Hands, Five Voices recorded at Depaul. Since most of these are improv jams we did, none of them have names. I labeled them by date and broke the mp3's up into three .zip files because I have an upload limit. So deal with it.

Mike Forbes - sax, vocals
Andrew Scott Young - bass, lap steel, mic/percussion

FYD 07/08 1

1. 9/12/07 (18:59)

2. 9/21/07 (1) (24:19)

3. 9/21/07 (2) (14:21)

4. 9/25/07 (1) (16:13)

5. 9/25/07 (2) (3:06)

FYD 07/08 2

1. 10/1/07 (15:23)

2. 11/16/07 (1) (10:39)

3. 11/16/07 (2) (9:33)

4.-8. lap steel/sax duets 11/19/07

9. 2/2/08 (4:57)

10. 3/20/08 (7:48)

11. 3/29/08 (9:51)

12.-13. microphone/percussion/sax 11/16/07

FYD 07/08 3

1. 4/5/08 (1) (22:20)

2. 4/5/08 (2) (18:12)

3. 4/15/08 (1) (1:37)

4. 4/15/08 (2) (1:36)

5. 4/15/08 (3) (1:36)

6. 4/30/08 (8:25)

7. 5/2/08 (9:01)

8. 6/5/08 (7:21)

9. "A Drunken Reading of Drunken Writing" by Mike Forbes, vox/bass (2:01)


ASY Trio

ASY Trio - Six Hands, Five Voices 2008, self-released

Mike Forbes and I moved to Chicago in the summer of 2007. We moved in with the infamous avant garde multi-instrumentalist Andrew "fuck you, man" Bell and started playing in a trio. We only played a few shows (under ASY Trio) and mostly jammed in our living room. This is from a self-released CD-R. Originally released in a paper sleeve with stamps in black ink. All the tracks were recorded on my zoom H4 in a room in the Depaul music building. It was available at Reckless Records for a while. Why didn't you buy it?

Six Hands, Five Voices (2008 self-released)

Andrew Bell - violin/piano
Mike Forbes - sax
Andrew Scott Young - cello/bass

1. I - sax/bass

2. II - violin/cello

3. III - sax/piano

4. IV - violin/sax/cello/piano/bass

the kill-bot factory

the kill-bot factory is an attempt (by myself and Andrew Bell) at a harsh, improvised, acoustic string duet. this is from a CD-R that was self-released in an edition of 15 and given away for free at our first show (we only ever played three). The recordings were made with a Zoom H4 recorder in the living room of our apartment. All of the recordings I have from this time occasionally have the sound of a brown line train going by out our window. White CD-R with "TKBF" stamped in black ink, wrapped in a paper towel and tied with twine.

"TKBF" 2008, self-released

Andrew Bell- violin
Andrew Scott Young- cello

1. yourfrontporch (5:10)

2. myfrontseat (3:22)

3. thedoorisopen (4:52)

4. buttherideaintfree (1:23)

for the avid TKBF collector, here's more! Also recorded in the living room at various times in 2008.


1. "oh fuck!" (6:20)

2. cameahighecho (5:33)

3. mikeiswatchingtelevision (8:35)

4. cello/violin duet (8:14)

5. untitled 1, Feb 13 2008 (4:37)

6. untitled 2, Feb 13 2008 (3:02)

7. untitled 3, Feb 13 2008 (6:59)

8. untitled 2008 (6:45)

9. untitled 2008 (7:15)

10. untitled 1, Feb 6 2008 (5:47)

11. untitled 2, Feb 6 2008 (13:27)

the kill-bot factory did some collaborations:

TKBF w/Primordial Mornings & Al Niente

1. tkbf w/al niente (30:22)

2. tkbf w/primordial mornings take 1 (31:24)

3. tkbf w/primordial mornings take 2 (18:25)

just so you can say you have the complete kill-bot factory, here are some alternate takes from Six Hands, Five Voices. These were all recorded in a room in the basement of the Depaul music building.

TKBF from Six Hands, Five Voices