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ASY Trio

ASY Trio - Six Hands, Five Voices 2008, self-released

Mike Forbes and I moved to Chicago in the summer of 2007. We moved in with the infamous avant garde multi-instrumentalist Andrew "fuck you, man" Bell and started playing in a trio. We only played a few shows (under ASY Trio) and mostly jammed in our living room. This is from a self-released CD-R. Originally released in a paper sleeve with stamps in black ink. All the tracks were recorded on my zoom H4 in a room in the Depaul music building. It was available at Reckless Records for a while. Why didn't you buy it?

Six Hands, Five Voices (2008 self-released)

Andrew Bell - violin/piano
Mike Forbes - sax
Andrew Scott Young - cello/bass

1. I - sax/bass

2. II - violin/cello

3. III - sax/piano

4. IV - violin/sax/cello/piano/bass

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