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Forbes/Young/Gonzalez Trio

This was the first band in which Mike Forbes and I played together regularly. It was a sax, bass, and drum trio with Stefan Gonzalez (of Yells at Eels and Akkolyte). We played a few times and have some rough recordings from jamming at Mike's house but probably the best recorded material we have is a tape release that happened in a small run (I don't know how many) on Paper Stain Records (Denton, TX). The recordings were made by Dennis Gonzalez at his home studio. The tracks I'm posting aren't the tape version exactly but the original unmastered studio versions that Dennis put on a CD-R for us the day we recorded them. They are labeled in the same order as on the tape. So here you go:

Forbes/Young/Gonzalez Trio (2006)

1. 01 (11:54)

2. 02 (11:28)

3. 03 (7:35)

4. 04 (10:31)

Here are all of the early recordings I have of Forbes/Young/Gonzalez in chronological order. All of these were recorded in September of 2006 on a 4-track tape recorder in Mike Forbes' living room in Denton, TX except for Trios 5 & 6 which were recorded live at the Secret Headquarters (also in Denton). Trio 1 was released on a split with Violent Squid as "Event 1". You should download that split here. The Violent Squid side is killer.

Forbes/Young/Gonzalez September 2006 (1)

1. Trio 1

2. Trio 2

3. Trio 3

4. Trio 4

Forbes/Young/Gonzalez September 2006 (2)

1. Trio 5 (Live @ SHQ)

2. Trio 6 (Live @ SHQ)

3. Trio 7

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