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This is a rehearsal of the set I performed on November 6th at Chili's in Chicago. I think the recording turned out pretty well (made on the zoom h4). Made at the Chateau on November 4, 2010. I named it "Nil-Chi-Tso" which is the Navajo code-talker term for "November" but literally it can be translated as "big wind". so there you go.

Andrew Scott Young - Nil-Chi-Tso

ASY - electric guitar, amplified double bass


These are two tracks I made for a VHS tape to be released with video by Nathan Pruitt. The cover art will be done by Rachael O'flynn. As soon as I get a digital copy of the video and the art I'll post them here as well. These tracks were recorded with my zoom h4 and put together in Audacity. The first was made at the Mopery in August and the second at the Chateau on November 11th. To be released on the new Chicago VHS label Loo Tapes.

Andrew Scott Young - Agnimal Manetizer

ASY - acoustic guitar, double bass, percussion

Track 1

Track 2

stills from the VHS:___________________________________________________________

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